Councilmember Colin Parent Proposes “Fix the Roads Act” if he is Elected to the 79th State Assembly


Feb 6th, 2024

La Mesa–Today, Councilmember Colin Parent announced that if he is elected to the 79th State Assembly, he will introduce a bill to hold local governments accountable when spending State funds allocated for road repair. 

The “Fix The Roads Act” will require cities and counties that receive annual allocations of funding for road repair, to prioritize that spending on roads with severe needs, and where the repairs can improve overall street safety. This means that the allocation of funds will be directed towards roads with the most pressing needs for maintenance and safety improvements.

As both a councilmember and the head of a local transportation think tank Circulate San Diego, Parent recognizes the critical importance of maintaining and improving local transportation networks. Once in the Assembly, Parent is committed to introducing a bill that will ensure cities and counties are held accountable when using State funds for road repair. 

“If we want safer and more efficient roads, we need to ensure that the funds allocated by the State are prioritized where they are needed the most. The ‘Fix The Roads Act’ is not just about fixing potholes; it’s about fixing the system so that every neighborhood is treated fairly for infrastructure and safety investments,” said Councilmember Colin Parent.

Each year, local governments in the San Diego region receive tens of millions for road repair through a formula system funded by Senate Bill 1. According to statewide figures, La Mesa receives about $1.4 million each year, and the City of San Diego receives about $33 million. A recent study released by the City of San Diego shows that Council Districts 4 and 9, which represent a large share of the 79th Assembly District, are on the bottom half of road quality within the City of San Diego. This reflects a disparity in how funding has been prioritized historically. 

The “Fix the Roads Act,” would require more accountability for how local governments use SB1 local road repair funds. The bill would include:

  • Prioritization of SB1 formula funds toward streets that have a higher need for repair,
  • Prioritization of SB1 formula funds for traffic calming projects to improve safety, on corridors and at intersections with a demonstrated history of crashes, and
  • Update the existing reporting requirements for local governments to demonstrate how spending of SB1 formula funds meet these priorities.

The “Fix The Roads Act” reflects Councilmember Parent’s commitment to identifying problems, and working toward effective solutions. The proposed bill recognizes the long history of disinvestment in communities in the 79th Assembly District. It requires that local governments to adopt fairer practices, and to use State resources to address long standing disparities. 

The announcement about the “Fix the Roads Act” comes after Councilmember Parent released his “Fix the Roads” social media effort, which provides information for how residents in the 79th Assembly District can report potholes and other needs to their local governments’ online and app-based portals. Councilmember Colin Parent invites community members, stakeholders, and policymakers to join the conversation and contribute to the development of this overdue policy initiative.


Colin Parent is running for State Assembly for the 79th District. Colin was born and raised in San Diego County. He became Eagle Scout  with Troop 362 in El Cajon, where he developed a dedication to community, teamwork, and service to others. This dedication eventually led to Colin running successfully for the La Mesa City Council in 2016, and again in 2020. Colin wears multiple hats, including his position as the Executive Director of Circulate San Diego, a nonprofit committed to public transit, walkable and safe neighborhoods, and affordable homes. Colin co-founded the San Diego Leadership Alliance and served as a board member of the League of Conservation Voters San Diego.

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